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2016 – KIA SORENTO   

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Kia Motors once again lives up to the slogan “The Power of Surprise” and presents the brand new 3rd generation Sorento brand to the Brazilian market, following the trend of modernization that has been taking place under the brand under the leadership of the current President and chief designer Peter Schreyer.By raising the level of sophistication of the model, the brand has transformed its seven-seat Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) into an even more spacious, safe model with a host of innovative features plus a perfect appearance with carved features without losing the characteristics that made its predecessor a true worldwide success.The model that has just landed in Brazil brings six-speed automatic transmission with sequential shift option and normal and eco drive / sport driving system, with a 3.3-liter, 24 V, 6-cylinder V-powered engine capable of developing 270 hp power at 6,400 rpm.

Drawing – Based on the inspiration of the designers of the 3rd generation of the Kia Sorento, the model was named by the designers as ” streetwolf “, that is, the wolf of the streets. With evolutionary styling changes, the new Sorento brings sophisticated looks and ensures a more daring and current presence.  The front of the model incorporates new headlights, as well as a larger “tiger face” grille, with a differentiated three-dimensional pattern, first characterized in 2013 in the GT Cross brand concept.In profile, the new model maintains the long bonnet, low ceiling, waist line higher, that is, forms that gave to the Sorento a stance robust and shocking. In the back, significant changes thanks to the introduction of new laser welding manufacturing techniques , first introduced in a Kia model, making welding lines invisible.The elegant appearance is enhanced with its new dimensions: the model grew 95 mm to 4,780 mm in length; gained a further 5 mm in width, with 1,890 mm, and at the height was 15 mm lower, 1690 mm. In the wheelbase gained 80 mm, to 2,780 mm.  The exterior styling of the new Sorento was driven by Kia’s design studio in Namyang, South Korea. It also featured significant contributions from the brand’s studios in Irvine, California, and Frankfurt, Germany.

Modern and ample – It is inside the new Sorento where some of the most significant improvements are found. The changes were led by the European design team of the Frankfurt-based brand and Kia designers who created a sophisticated and luxurious cabin with superior materials.The instrument panel is larger and the use of soft touch materials along with leather has created a modern and luxurious environment, providing a true refinement and expression of premium vehicle at corvette car cover.

Comfort, comfort and new technologies – When compared to the previous generation model, the new Sorento has grown 80 mm in the wheelbase, giving even more space for cabin occupants.Although the roof is 15 mm lower, the headrests have been repositioned to ensure greater space for the occupants. Available in seven seat version, the new Sorento brings the second folding row for added versatility, with the folding center console.In developing the new Sorento, an important focus for the Kia engineering team was to get improvements in the chassis for increased driving comfort, high-speed stability and reduced NVH.The new Sorento debuts a series of advanced onboard technologies to enhance comfort and driving experience.

 New features, such as blind spot detection and a trunk opening system by approach, have been added to the model to make the driver’s day-to-day life easier.During the development of the new Sorento, Kia engineers, focused on strengthening the body structure, improved the NVH (noise, vibration and roughness) characteristics and raised the refinement, creating a homogeneous environment and as sophisticated as the style of the new model .Measures taken to reduce Sorento NVH include new materials for sound insulation (29% thicker on the dashboard), better acoustics for the engine and transmission. Cabin noise has been reduced by between 3% and 6%, depending on the driving conditions.To meet the growing consumer expectations, Kia engineers worked to improve on all aspects of the Sorento driving experience by creating engine upgrades , steering and suspension.The fully independent suspension retains the same structure as the previous one (McPherson type in the front and multilink in the rear), presents a series of modifications. At the rear, the subframe (suspension bracket) has larger bushings to better insulate them from the cabin and larger dampers are now mounted vertically behind the axle line, improving the body’s motion control.These changes, including increased wheelbase, give car occupants a more comfortable ride with a smoother bump response on the road, making the new Sorento a very comfortable vehicle to spend time on longer journeys.

Safety – The increased torsional stiffness of the new bodywork by 14% compared to its predecessor provides an excellent base that enhances refinement and safety.The structure of the new Sorento is stronger thanks to the increased use of high strength steel. The previous generation model had 24.4% high-strength steel (UHTS), while the body of the new model is made up of 52.7% UHTS, supporting the integrity of the car structure in the event of an impact and also collaborates with torsional stiffness and weight reduction.To increase safety, the Sorento has blind spot detection technology, which tells the driver that there are vehicles moving close to the car and may not be visible in the mirrors. In addition, the new model gained front headlamps with adaptive directional beam and electronic brake system.The new Sorento has a suggested price of R $ 183.9 thousand.


A few days after publishing some drawings, Kia has just released the first official images of the fourth generation of the Sportage, which will be presented to the public within a month at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The South Korean SUV arrives with a more aggressive look, in the style of the Porsche Macan.The typical “tiger nose” now comes in a lower position and the headlights have been redesigned, now incorporating the cube-shaped LED daytime running lights. At the rear the new model features aluminum protections, tapered lanterns interconnected through a red bar, a rooftop spoiler and oversized wheels.The interior has not yet been revealed, but should be similar to the Sorento and Optima, with new seats, chrome details, flat-bottomed steering wheel and a touch screen in the center.The crossover shares platform, engines and transmission with the Hyundai Tucson. The engine will not undergo major changes, with the inclusion of 1.7 Diesel of 115 hp, 2.0 Diesel with option of 136 and 184 hp and possibly a 1.6 Turbo to gasoline with 175 hp. It is likely to adopt an electrical configuration or a tri-cylindrical option.The new Sportage generation is expected to go on sale early next year.


The new Kia Sportage X-Men is the second generation of the Kia X-Car and was created in collaboration with the X-Men film series. The vehicle aims to promote the arrival of the next adventure of the troupe, X-Men: Apocalypse, and the sponsorship of Kia at the Australian Open tennis. It will be presented with the mutant motifs at the sporting event.Inspired by the ‘Mystic’ character, the Sportage X-Men mimics the looks and powers of the famous heroine who is able to change shape. All fans of the X-Men will be able to get to know more about the car next January 4th, when it will be revealed with the participation of Rafael Nadal, Kia’s ambassador and tennis world superstar.As you can see in the picture gallery, Sportage has undergone a transformation from its initial state to a brightly colored body with blue tone, racing design wheels and red and yellow details tires.As a preview of the debut of the new X-Men: Apocalypse movie in May 2016, the Kia Sportage X-Men will be unveiled during the Australia Open, which will take place Jan. 18-31. Later, he will also be present at several car shows and events dedicated to X-Men fans.This Kia X-Car is the second prototype released in collaboration with Fox after the Sorento X-Men inspired by ‘Wolverine’, which was presented in early 2015 also in the Australian Open.The film X-Men: Apocalypse will be the next adventure of the saga. In it, Apocalypse, the first and most powerful mutant of the X-Men universe, returns after thousands of years with a team of mutants to create a new world. With Earth’s fate at stake, the new X-Men group will fight to save mankind.

2016 – KIA TELLURIDE CONCEPTOver the past week we’ve been getting some insight into the Kia Telluride, a full-size SUV prototype that the Korean brand introduced at the Detroit Motor Show. The seven-seater SUV is based on the current Kia Sorento platform, although its dimensions are larger. It presents 30 cm more of inter-axle distance and in total measures 5,000 mm in length, 2,000 mm in width and 1,770 mm in height.It was designed by the Kia Design Center in the United States, with the North American market as its goal. The Kia Telluride will not go beyond the conceptual phase, since the Koreans do not intend, at least for the time being, to produce a model with these characteristics. The square body shape adds muscle to the Kia Telluride along with its massive 22-inch alloy wheels. As we could see in the first teaser, the Telluride rear doors open 90º in reverse and leave an open space, since the concept does not have B-pillars.The interior of the Kia Telluride features a modern design with two large screens on the dashboard with some parts made using 3D printing methods. The front seats have a floating structure, but the most impressive is that the first and second row seats are able to read the vital signs of their occupants and reflect this information on the screens located on the door panels. Depending on the condition of the occupants, the lighting can be adjusted automatically to improve mood.The seats in the second row stand out by the seats more own of sedans of great luxury than of an SUV of a generalist brand. Banks include tactile controls to handle multimedia equipment and listen to relaxing music through Harman Kardon’s sound equipment.The Kia Telluride is a plug-in hybrid model and features a direct injection 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine that is backed by an electric motor. Both are located together in transverse position on the front axle. The concept features a full mechanical traction system, instead of choosing to put a second electric motor on the rear axle. Combined, you get 400 hp of power, 270 hp of the combustion engine and an additional 130 hp of the electric motor.


Kia revealed this week in the United States the 2015 line of Cadenza. The sedan features few new features compared to the 2014 model, and will be offered in two trim levels: Premium and Limited. The two versions receive the driver’s seat with eight electrically adjustable positions, 19-inch alloy wheels, new front grille, new analog clock and more chrome finishing details. In terms of safety, the rear traffic alert has been added to the list of serial items for both versions, particularly useful for situations where the driver is backing off during a beacon. It joins other systems that were already present in Cadenza 2014, such as blind spot detector, range change alert and intelligent cruise control.


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